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Childbirth a Guided Visulization

Childbirth a Guided Visulization

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A story of what it is like to have a baby, from the perspective of a mother, grandmother, healer and obstetric nurse for over 30 years. A meditation for listeners to create a comfortable, easy, natural birth for themselves. You can do it, millions of women have done it before you; your body knows what to do.

1 Complete guided visualization; includes music to relax and open energy field by Marsha Read with a background of ocean waves. (24:30)

2 Only ocean waves; to play during childbirth to activate relaxation or used during independent visualization. (16:56)

3 Voice with ocean waves; full length guided visualization. (24:09)

4 Voice with ocean waves; short guided visualization for when you are pressed for time. (12:03)

Tips for Use:
You can listen to the audio anytime during your pregnancy to promote relaxation. After 36 weeks gestation, begin listening regularly a minimum of 4-5 times a week until the birth of your baby.

Listen in a position that is comfortable. It works even if you fall asleep listening to the audio.

It is suggested to listen to the longer version as you begin to become associated with the entire visualization, then later use the short version if time is limited.

The word “rush” has been used in stead of contraction making a positive association for the mind so you can imagine energy rushing or flowing through the body. Many women find childbirth to be a pleasurable experience. 

Guided Visualization by:
Judy Templeton RN CHTP

Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering:
Mark Ellestad, Kris Ellestad: Hexagon Studio, Calgary, Ab.

Music By:
Marsha Read BEd, Orff Specialist, Calgary Alberta

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