Judy Templeton
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Judy Templeton

"Healing through art is a passion for me.".... Judy Templeton

Fort St. John artist, Judy Templeton, was born in Beaverlodge Alberta and raised in Dawson Creek British Columbia.  Although she and her husband spent nine years in the Northwest Territories, they returned to the Peace region and lived in Fort St. John with their two children where they continue to reside today.

Working as a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, mostly in maternity, Judy found her passion for assisting with the healing process was expanding.  For 15 years she studied and taught various topics, that included Yoga and Healing Touch. She found that music, voice and sounds from nature could heal.  She created a CD to promote relaxation during childbirth, “Childbirth a Guided Visualization.”  It was a natural progression for Judy to learn to use the visual arts for healing.

One day she picked up a book, flipped through it and was truly captivated. The book was "The Tao of Watercolor" by Jeanne Carbonetti.  The desire to paint with watercolours was born after realizing how the vivid colours and their flow evoked positive feelings within her. She bought the book.

Her painting began with a lesson from a friend.  After purchasing other books suggested by Carbonetti, she began working with Sumi-e,  where she found the combination of painting and chi (energy) fascinating.  Next was a workshop by Barbara Nechis, where Judy received more inspiration from her book, "Watercolour from the Heart".  "I was again struck by the soft washes, flow of colours and the joy I felt when viewing her works" Judy said. Workshops by Judith Cornell, Linda Kemp and Gordon MacKenzie quickly followed.

"My goal became to inspire others with feelings of peace, serenity, harmony, joy and passion using paint and a brush." she said.

To achieve her goal she chose to use Sumi-e, watercolour and printmaking.  Visits to Japan, her favourite place to visit, allowed the exploration of the culture there and helped her gain insight and inspiration regarding the art of Sumi-e.  During her most recent visit, she spent time with Sumi-e artist, Michael Hofman, as well as time with wood block printer, Ichimura Mamoru.

Her most recent workshop experiences were with artists Dianne Bersea, Elizabeth Harris-Nichols, Teressa Bernard, Mareth Warren, Michelle Zarb, Graham Flatt, Grant Fuller and Victoria Edgarr.  The highlight of her workshop experiences to date have been two recent trips to Vermont to study with Jeanne Carbonetti, the artist who so inspired Judy at the beginning of her art career.

Recently a close friend opened a business and Judy saw a lot of blank wall space. Not missing a great opportunity she suggested those walls become a gallery for her paintings.  What a great idea!  Serenity Spa hosts several of her beautiful watercolours and offers them for sale. A number of these works have found a permanent home at Serenity Spa and can be viewed on site.  One visit to the spa and you will feel the healing energy Judy's paintings impart to their viewers.

Judy says, "I love the learning process and truly paint for the fun of it! If my paintings have a positive impact on viewers in some way, then I consider my efforts to be even more worthwhile."

To view more of Judy's creations, visit Serenity Spa at 12636 Kaps Road, Charlie Lake, BC  250-785-0263  Open from 10am to 6pm  Mon. - Sat.